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Industrial controller DevLink-C1000


DevLink series communication devicesVersatile programmable industrial controller can be used for building “lightweight” and “medium” APCS, act as part of big complex systems.
Industrial controller DevLink-C1000 supports conventional protocols (MODBUS, OPC, IEC 60870-5-104).
High-performance 32-bit processor based on the ARM9 architecture combined with fast memory andreal time system (RTS) provide extremely high speed of functioning.


  • Gathering data from various instrumentations.
  • Real time scale control of system parameters.
  • Real time scale analysis of parameters acquired from devices.
  • Generation and proactive transfer of alert messages to the higher level.
  • Scheduled transfer of data to the higher level.
  • Archiving the data to be later transferred to the higher level.
  • Sending control impulses to the actuators.
  • Automatic regulation.
  • Executing user’s algorithms.


  • Easy to program and debug:
  • The controller can be programmed in the KrugolDevStudio environment using KRUGOL™ language according to the standard IEC 61131-3. Over 250 functions are implemented in the KRUGOL™ language library, including functions for technical accounting of heat, gas and oil (In accordance with GOST 8.563.1-3, GOST 8.586.1-5).
  • User function implementing non-standard operations can be written in C/C++.
  • DevLink-C1000 can be programmed remotely, reducing maintenance costs.
  • “Debug on the run” function allows to modify the controller’s software without terminating it.
  • RTS driver library contains a number of drivers for various devices with support for data archiving.
  • RTS imitator allows to debug controller projects on a general-purpose PC.
  • Support for built-in archiving. The ability to archive data to the internal memory.
  • Support for deep integration with the higher level. Industrial controller DevLink-C1000 supports open communication protocols (OPC, MODBUS etc.) and can be used alongside any high-level system. However, if  SCADA KRUG-2000® is used as the higher-level system, there is a deep integration of higher and lower levels, providing creation of the unified project. 
  • PID regulation function. Allows to create PID regulation circuits (including cascaded and coherent circuits).
  • High reliability. Average lifespan is more than 10 years. The built-in watchdog monitors the controller’s status and initiates automatic restart in emergency situation. When the main channel becomes unusable, the device automatically switches to a backup channel.
  • Cost below competitors. While developing DevLink-C1000 we did everything possible to get an attractive price along with superior performance.


ARM9, 400 MHz
Memory RAM SDRAM: 64 MB; Flash: 128 MB
Interfaces Up to 2 Ethernet 100 Base-T with industrial ESD protection
Up to 4 RS-485 ports / 2 RS422 ports
USB host with industrial ESD protection
I2C (OneWire digital sensors)
GSM/GPRS cellular module Optional (up to  2 SIM cards)
Watchdog +
Astronomic timer-calendar +, powered by backup battery
All purpose input/output 6
Power voltage 18…72 V / ~170…260 V
Maximum power consumption 5 W
Size 140?90?65 mm
Mounting bracket DIN rake, clip
Ambient temperature -40°? to+70°?


  • Web configuration utility. Allows the user to setup DevLink parameters and monitor data, acquired from devices using the web browser.
  • DA/HDA OPC server DevLink-—1000.
  • Controller programming environment KrugolDevStudio (a set of tool for automated programming, allowing to fully implement almost any possible task.