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Data collection controller DevLink-D500


DevLink series communication devicesData collection controller DevLink®-D500 is a high performance versatile software and hardware tool with a broad range of functional and communicational capabilities, designed for use in distributed energy accounting and dispatching systems of industrial enterprises. It is a vital component of the software and hardware complex EnergoGorod®.

DevLink-D500 is a versatile solution for building complex energy accounting systems. The cost of building complex energy accounting and dispatching systems on basis of the data collection controller DevLink-D500 sometimes can be significantly lower than the cost of a number of several separate systems, performing the same set of functions.


  • Gathering data and transmitting it to the higher (dispatcher’s level) according to schedule.
  • Real-time control of heat parameters (control of the normative values).
  • Real-time analysis of current parameter values, acquired from accounting devices.
  • Generation and proactive transfer of messages to the higher level when emergency situation is detected.
  • Archiving the messages which are to be sent to the control room.
  • Technical accounting of heat and gas (GOST 8.563.1-3, -5).
  • Ability to execute user-defined algorithms, implemented in KRUGOL™ language (user-defined algorithms can be put down in code in the KrugolDevStudio environment standardized according to IEC 61131-3).


  • Built-in GSM modem.
  • Proactive data transfer. DevLink-D500 allows carrying out data analysis and initiate data transfer, e.g. when emergency is detected.
  • Random data selection. Data collection controller DevLink-D500 can save and transfer all values with any degree of discreteness.
  • Automatic control. As long as DevLink-D500 is capable of analyzing all the incoming data, all tasks related to local control are solved pretty easily.
  • High information capacity. DevLink-D500 features a high-performance processor allowing to poll multiple devices and implement complex data-processing algorithms.
  • Reducing the data traffic. Communication with the top level is carried out using a specialized protocol, allowing to organize information exchange via low-speed communication channels and minimize the amount of data being transferred.
  • Automatic switching to a backup channel when the main channel becomes unusable.   When the main channel becomes unusable, DevLink-D500 automatically switches to a backup data transmission channel (with sending alert message to the operator) until the main channel is restored.
  • Ease of configuration. The configuration environment allows setting up DevLink-D500 quickly and easily.
  • Support of the most widely used energy accounting devices. The library of supported meters and other accounting devices is constantly filled with new entries. We can also develop a specific device driver on a special order.


ARM9, 400 MHz
Memory RAM SDRAM: 64 MB; Flash: 128 MB
Interfaces Up to 2 Ethernet 100 Base-T with industrial ESD protection
Up to 4 RS-485 ports / 2 RS422 port
USB host with industrial ESD protection
I2C (OneWire digital sensors)
GSM/GPRS cellular module Optional (up to 2 SIM cards)
Watchdog +
Astronomic timer-calendar +, powered by a  backup battery
All-purpose input/output 6
Power voltage 18…72 V / ~170…260 V
Maximum power consumption 5 W
Size 140?90?65 mm
Mounting bracket DIN rake, clip
Ambient temperature -40°? to +70°?


  • Web configuration utility. Allows the user to setup DevLink parameters and monitor data, acquired from devices using the web browser.
  • DA\HDA OPC server DevLink-D500.
  • Controller programming environment KrugolDevStudio (a set of tool for automated programming, allowing to fully implement almost any possible task..