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Protocol converters DevLink-P200 and DevLink-P300


DevLink series communication devicesProtocol converters DevLink®-P200/300 fundamentally solve the problem of information exchange between promiscuous digital devices and information systems by converting data from a single or multiple protocols to another single or multiple selected protocols.
Additionally DevLink-P300 performs data-processing tasks using the programming languages which conform to the IEC 61131-3 standard.

The user can specify one of the following internationally standardized protocols to be used as the uniform protocol:

  • IEC 60870-5-101
  • IEC 60870-5-104
  • Custom.

DevLink-P200. User Manual

Protocol converters DevLink-P200/300 support data exchange with the following devices:

  • Power meter Mercury, SET etc.
  • Power quality meters (RESOURCE UF2, RESOURCE PKE)
  • Protective relay automatic devices
  • Digital measurement convertors (including the series PC6806)
  • VZLYOT devices
  • Many others (on special demand).

Additionally the protocol converter DevLink-P300 supports telematics functions.


  • Converting data from a protocol to another protocol or multiple protocols. Implements polling of different data sources and provides the acquired data to DevLink device clients using various data exchange protocols and communication interfaces.
  • Self-diagnostics. DevLink devices as well as communication channel status are monitored and diagnosed on the run
  • Automatic restart. Supports a watchdog timer for restarting the DevLink device in case of a fault.
  • Redundancy. Ensures full redundancy.
  • System time correction. Provides the ability to correct the system time according to the GPS receiver signal.
  • Configuration and data visualization. The built-in Web configuration utility with support for data monitoring leverages the process of setting up devices (configuring via the Web browser).
  • Executing user-defined programs. DevLink-–300 supports executing various data transformations and user-defined algorithms according to a user-defined program.


  • Support of a wide range of communication protocols makes it easier to meet the requirements implied on data exchange and integration of different devices.
  • Minimization of maintenance costs due to the use of general-purpose hardware for solving the problems of robotics and energy accounting.
  • Ability to create “transparent” data channels.
  • Data channels redundancy.
  • Scalability.
  • Industrial operating conditions.


ARM9, 400 MHz
Memory RAM SDRAM: 64 MB; Flash: 128 MB
Interfaces Up to 2 Ethernet 100 Base-T ESD-protected
Up to 4 RS-485 ports / 2 RS422 ports
USB host ESD-protected
GSM/GPRS cellular module Optional (up to 2 SIM cards)
Watchdog timer +
Astronomic timer-calendar +, powered by a backup battery
All-purpose input/output 6
Power voltage 18…72 V / ~170…260 V
Maximum power consumption 5 W
Size 140?90?65 mm
Mounting bracket DIN rake, clip
Ambient temperature -40°? to +70°?


  • Web configuration utility. Allows the user to configure the working parameters of the DevLink device and monitor the data, acquired from devices, from any computer using the web browser.
  • Controller programming environment – KrugolDevStudio – a set of tools for programming automatisation, allowing to fully solve problems of virtually any level of difficulty.