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About company

Being an active participant in the market of industry automation since 1992, the SPC “KRUG” has gained the reputation of a qualified and reliable producer of ready-made solutions and provider or customer support services. The SPC “KRUG” has vast experience in the oil, gas, energy, food, construction and other areas of the economy. At work we follow one rule – to surpass customer’s expectations.
Our software and hardware solutions are the result of a large experience in developing communication drivers and other communication software for different applications. Ensuring the highest level of quality control, our company has developed and is ready to offer the device series DevLink.
The SPC "KRUG" has developed and uses the quality assurance system which complies with the requirements of ISO 9001. This is confirmed by international DAR certificate TGA-ZM-28-97-00.026 and GOST R certificate ROSS RU.IS42.K00045.
Testing of solutions offered by our company is one of the most important stages in the development of any product. Before being delivered to customers, DevLink series devices go through a two-level testing procedure. At each level an independent set of tests is undertaken. The first level is composed of qualification testing procedures. At the second level specialists from the special testing unit undertake the following testing procedures:

  • Functional testing;
  • Database integrity testing;
  • Business cycles testing;
  • User interface testing;
  • Performance, load, stress and volume testing;
  • Security and access control testing;
  • Recovery testing;
  • Configuration testing;
  • Installation testing.

As a company focused primarily on the consumer, we are always ready to provide technical support to our clients by phone, by email and even onsite.