DevLink series communication devices

DevLink series communication devicesCreating integrated control systems involves gathering information from various sources: automated process control systems, automated electricity accounting systems, electric meters, water and heat meters, power quality meters and many other digital devices. The mentioned industry automation equipment communicates with the outside world by via various digital interfaces and data exchange protocols.

DevLink®series communication devices help to solve a number of problems related to the organization of information exchange between different systems and devices. At present the SPC “KRUG” offers the following model series:

DevLink-M50 – industrial multiport GSM/GPRS modem providing transparent communication channel to be used by different pieces of equipment. It allows to organize information exchange between intellectual devices, telemechanical complexes (meters, regulators, correctors etc.), connected via COM ports, and the top-level program by means of GSM/GPRS or Ethernet communications.
The modem provides redundancy of communication channels. In situations when transmission of data via the main channel is not possible, the modem automatically switches to the backup channel.

DevLink-P200 – protocol convertor. Designed for converting the data from different digital protocols to a uniform protocol which is used in the enterprise as the standard. The data is converted “on the fly”.

DevLink-P300 – protocol convertor with additional options for user-defined processing of the received and transmitted data. Allows controlling the equipment through the built-in DIO ports (optionally by means of user-defined algorithms).

DevLink-D500 – data accumulation controller. Designed for gathering, storing and processing data, acquired from various meters and some other devices. Possesses powerful algorithmic basis allowing to undertake accounting and monitoring operations and initiate information exchange with the higher level in case of emergency or when an attempted theft of energy is discovered. The main application area for this device are systems of energy accounting. It is used as a major component of the EnergoGorod® system.

DevLink-—1000 – all-purpose programmable industrial controller, which can be used for solving different problems. It can be applied in distributed automation systems. Supports data exchange with other devices (either with similar devices or with digital devices produced by other companies).